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A Photographer Plays the Munzee Game – Day Five

This post is part of a five day series comparing the scavenger hunt game of Munzee to Geocaching from a photographer’s point of view. If you haven’t started with the first one, you can do so by clicking here.

Scenic Bike Trail
Scenic Bike Trail

A “typical” in-the-woods cache is a medium sized container hidden off-trail underneath a fallen tree and covered with local debris such as sticks, palm fronds or similar, depending on the area. Because the hides are often on the ground, they can be dirty. Dirt and camera gear don’t mix well. Plus, going off trail (bushwhacking) can cause damage to the vegetation and put you at higher risks of getting poison ivy and ticks. I’ve gotten both while caching. So far, all the munzees we’ve found have been able to be captured without leaving the trail. No need to get dirty digging around for the find.

Urban hides can be pretty dirty too because you’re usually “feeling” around for the container. Getting dirty is an accepted part of caching, and when holding expensive camera gear, I don’t want to do it with dirty hands.

If I’m playing a scavenger game to find neat places and take photos, I want the finds to be quick and clean. Once found, I want to log the find quickly and easily. When I get home, I don’t want to spend the evening writing logs. I want to fire up Lightroom and develop the photos I took during the day. To me, this is easiest to do while playing Munzee. I bet if you ask other photographers, they’d say the same thing.

Unfortunately, there is one glaring thing missing from Munzee, and it’s something very important to a photographer looking for places to search. Munzee currently does have any provision for photos to be uploaded to the site, and I’m not sure if they plan to implement that in the future. That’s one area where the site excels. Finders can upload photos to each cache page, so future seekers can look at them and see if it’s somewhere they want to search.

When I cached I used this feature extensively to look for pretty areas to visit, and I’d purposely head there because of that. I created a post in the Munzee forums to ask if they plan to add this feature in the future and will report back once I hear something.

Other than that, if you’re looking for new ideas and places to visit, give Munzee a try. It’s surprisingly fun and very addicting. If you try it, let me know, I’d love to hear what you think.

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