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A Photographer Plays the Munzee Game – Day Four

This post is part of a five day series comparing the scavenger hunt game of Munzee to Geocaching from a photographer’s point of view. If you haven’t started with the first one, you can do so by clicking here.

Glass Building, NYC
Glass Building, NYC

One of the concerns with geocaching is that all hides must have a physical container. In the woods this isn’t really a problem, but in urban areas, it can be. Once a geocache is found, the seeker must grab the container, sign the log and put it back. If a non-cacher sees someone doing this, they might get suspicious and call the police. There have been many cases of the police being called, only to find out it was a geocache.

For urban hides, munzees can be disguised as official looking sticker or kept undisguised as a standard barcode and hidden on a fence or anything really. Because it’s just a barcode, it doesn’t really look out of place. This gives munzees a huge advantage in urban areas.

To avoid raising suspicions, cachers often hide “nanos” or other super small containers, but because they’re so small, the logs are tiny and fill up quickly. Half of them we found had no spot to even sign in. At that point why even bother to grab the container and open it up. This is another plus for munzees. Just find the barcode, scan it and move on.

Scenic Tobacco Barns

So how does all this relate to photography? Well, one of the things we loved about caching was that it brought us to scenic areas with great photo opportunities. We’ve only done a few munzees, but one of the hides brought us to a pretty boat launch along the Farmington River in Windsor, CT. See the photo on top of this post. We also passed some scenic tobacco barns (see photo at the left) and discovered a nice high point that would be great for sunset photos.

As you can probably tell, I really like munzees. Learn why I think they’re better for photographers in my final post of the series.

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