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A Photographer Plays the Munzee Game – Day One

Munzee is a scavenger hunt game where items are found and logged using a smartphone. Over the next five days I’m going to write about it and explain how playing the game can benefit photographers.

Seattle Forest
Seattle Forest

Munzees are similar to geocaching, but it’s also quite different. “What does this have to do with photography?” you may be asking. Well, munzees and geocaches (caches) are often placed at scenic and interesting areas, which makes them a perfect way for photographs to find interesting and new subjects.

Because there are already lots of reviews and comparisons between the two, I decided to write this from a photographer’s perspective and am including some photos of places we’ve discovered through our travels, but first I want to tell a quick story to show the fun that can be had from these electronic scavenger hunt games.

When people visit Florida, they often go to one of the big tourist attractions, which can be a lot of fun, but munzeeing and caching allows people to see things they might not normally see. One year on vacation we were in Merritt Island doing a cache near the water, and a pair of dolphins swam up right next to us. For the next 15 minutes or so they played around and then took off. At another cache, a large manatee swam up to the pier we were on and hung around for a few minutes, and at another cache there were a bunch of peacocks just walking around like they owned the place. That was totally awesome and something I never expected. You should have seen the excitement on my young son’s face. All of these were great photo opportunities available and just a little of the excitement we had.

Tune in tomorrow to learn more about this great game, or hobby, as it’s sometimes called.

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