Matt & His Fine Art Photo

Never Too Young to Start Taking Photographs

My son’s school recently had a fine arts competition where they competed against other schools with “art” type projects or musical events. So many schools have sports competitions (his does too), but it’s great to see them encouraging the artistic side of the students too.

All students must participate, and some show their musical skills by playing an instrument or singing, and others show their artistic skills with paintings, drawings or photos they’ve taken.

Matt doesn’t play any instruments or sing, so he chose to enter the one shown above. He took it on the pier in Clearwater, Florida and called it “The Bird on the Beach.” It was taken using a good quality point and shoot that we gave to him a couple years ago. He’s always been interested in photography, probably because we are, and we felt he should have a good camera.

Photos had to be mounted on a plain, white mat and were judged by an official panel for one award and by students and attendees for another. They were judged on several categories including composition, quality, a write up by the photographer and a few other things.

It was a good learning experience, and he had a good time picking out which photo to enter and then tweaking it to his liking. He was 12 years old at the competition and will have lots of opportunities to improve his skills.

This is a good lesson for all of us, no matter what our age. We shouldn’t be afraid to put ourselves out there and show your photos. No matter what happens or what people say, it will be a learning experience that can help us grow. Plus, we got a new photo for a our wall.

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